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Welcome to, where you get paid to drive to work! Earn up to $100 a month the easy way- by doing nothing more than you normally do in a day. Join the adverCar team and start earning extra income now.

Message to prospective drivers:

1. This is an application to become an adverCar Contract Driver. All of the information provided is confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. By submitting your information, you grant adverCar permission to verify that the information you provided is correct. adverCar is owned and operated by AllTran Media LLC.

2. adverCar is looking for contract drivers to promote the brands and businesses of our advertisers and marketing clients. adverCar drivers are monthly contract workers and are not employees of our advertisers and/or marketing clients. adverCar contract drivers are paid up to $100 on a per month basis for placing the ads of our clients on their vehicles.* We simply pay drivers to drive as they normally would. Prospective Drivers are required to own a car, have a valid drivers license and auto insurance, and have a clean driving record.

3. adverCar drivers are selected based on a number of criteria including geography and daily drive time.

4. Route Information: Please be sure there are two valid addresses in the start and end route addresses. Registrations without valid addresses cannot be approved for the adverCar program!

*Driver compensation varies depending on geography and specific campaign parameters and will range from $80 to $125 per month.

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